The story of the Nabarth camp, which is unexpectedly unknown


This time, about the charged Navarth camp, which is available at 1200 Pearl,(6000yen =$54.58)

Introduce useful things if you know (`· ω ·)


19/05/02: Postscript about camp setting in base war


he story of the Navarth camp that is not known unexpectedly

Nabarth Camp receives any buff regardless of the type of scroll

You can receive various villa buffs at Nabalt Camp.


There are different types of scrolls accepted by the villa,

Nabalt camps can receive buffs regardless of this type.


For example, I often buy a holiday ticket from a villa in Munar,

Apart from discovering life, you can also receive buffs of skills, experiences and methods of physical strengthening.


Duplicate buffs at camp stores, not buffs

There is a buff that can be obtained with silver on hand in the camp, but there are the following conditions.

If buffs are duplicated, they will be overwritten by the effects given later.


・ The ancient whetstone in the upper left (damage to MOB + 10) overlaps with the attack power + 10 of [Enhancing Physical Ability]

・ The battle skill (skill experience + 10%) in the upper right overlaps with the skill experience + 10% in [Technology and experience]

・ The buffs obtained in the camp shop are duplicated (an ancient whetstone + technique of fighting etc is not possible)


At the time of hunting, we use physical ability strengthening and ancient whetstone (skilled experience value + 10%).

I do not use others (‘-ω-)


Retrieve and set up a camp with shortcut keys

Select an easy shortcut key from the menu of Esc.


You can assign camp recovery and placement to unused commands.

There are many places that can not be installed, so it is very convenient to set (⁎˃ᴗ˂⁎)


How to get a villa invitation ticket

If there is no warehouse maid,

I think that this is better if you have a base in Beria or Heidel, since the villa in Karash is on the far west.


If you have a warehouse maid

If you have a warehouse maid, put sub characters and money in Valencia

It is a little quicker to buy at the villa in Munar.


From beyond the Altino-eki,

As we go to the warehouse to see Valencia, we can get a holiday ticket earlier than going to the villa in Carash.


If you have a character in Valencia, you can also hunt at Achman Temple or Historian ruins,

It is recommended because a villa ticket will be available soon (`· ω ·) b


 Can set up a camp after 19:50 except at base battle ch

10 minutes before the base battle starts, Navarth camp can not be set up in B, S, C, M, V1ch.

If there is a possibility that it will not be in time for the start of the base battle because it can be installed for other ch

By moving to ch where base battle is not performed, you can participate after receiving villa buff.



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