About Mill Tree Ruins PT Hunting


It seems that there are many people who get to the article of the persuasive mill which I wrote in the past.


I wrote it for the first time because I could not find anything for people who would like to go to the mill for the first time (`· ω ·)


The standard of PT that Dongo has participated to the last

As you are hunting, please follow the instructions of the leader when actually hunting.


Why do PT hunting with mill trees?

It is because it is a hunting ground where the present condition (19/04/25) can obtain the experience value most efficiently.


A character of 61 lv will increase your experience by 1 to 2% in 1 hour.

You can earn around 20 to 60 meters in one hour for silver.

※ It fluctuates by the total status of PT members


Good (`· ω ·)


For commentary for those who returned, last year’s Guypin was mainstream

It was better to hunt in the mill tree due to specification changes.

Fishing a monster is not as complicated as Guypin, and it is easy to participate.


Necessary things (conditions necessary for participation)

I have been in the mill for about 50 hours so far,

We will introduce you to the status and buff items you need as an example.

When actually participating in PT, it depends on the conditions being recruited, so follow the instructions of PT.


 Required status

■ Level: 60 or more

■ AP: More than 240 in Kutsumu or more than 261 in Nouvel

■ DP: more than 290


It is quite high for beginners.


Even if you don’t meet, you may be able to participate in PT with your guild etc.


・ If the AP is insufficient, Monster drop will not pick up,so hourly pay will be a few silver

・ The risk of death is extremely high if defense is insufficient

(If the DP is less than 290, the HP may blow over 50% just because the enemy’s attack was faint.)


There is no problem if you look for experience points

It is not delicious to participate in money _( _´ω`)_hmm


Necessary items

Portion: about 50% of the maximum possession weight

Even if you have 290 DP, you will die instantly if the MOB target points at you.

If you are wearing high crystals, you should always bring potions.


Even if you forgot to buy, you can purchase from the camp if there is a charged Nabalt camp.

Since there is no limit on the amount of silver that can be carried, I always buy at the camp before hunting (́ ω `)


By the way, if all PT members are 270 AP units,

they can beat the MOB at a speed that does not require recovery.


Kron set meal: 1

As the firepower becomes high, the experience value becomes delicious, so I often use food.

Basically, I use a simple Kron set meal, which increases the amount of battle experience earned, but

If it is a low occupation job, the delicacy Kron set meal will be able to defeat many enemies.


 Beast’s spirit drug: 10 ※ If you do not bring Erikser


If it is 1 hour, 4 lines will be enough, but it will be able to cope even if it changes to 2 hours when sudden death or sudden death


10 pieces of 2 types of elixir ※ When bringing elixir

PTs with descriptions such as “Eri-Ryuri”, “Elixer-Hori”, “Hiro-Ri PT”, etc.

We bring in two kinds from one of the following ones and hunt.

※ The wild beast’s spirit drug can not be used at the same time as other elixirs.


There is also a possibility of suffering with a person, so when you partner with a stranger,

I think it is better to tell Elixir that you can put out in advance.


Mill-tree effective elixir
名称 効果
[PT]強力な略奪のエリクサー クリティカル命中時HP+5回復
[PT]魂を吸収する死神のエリクサー 攻撃命中時HP3回復
[PT]強力な衝撃のエリクサー クリティカル段階+3
[PT]強固な意志のエリクサー モンスターによるダメージ-10%
[PT]輝く経験のエリクサー 経験値獲得+15%
[PT]しぶとい抵抗のエリクサー 対モンスター状態抵抗+15%
[PT]終わりなき狂乱のエリクサー 防御-8 攻撃+13
[PT]鋼鉄防御のエリクサー ダメージ減少+10
[PT]致命的な暗殺のエリクサー バックアタックダメージ+15%
[PT]過酷な死のエリクサー クリティカル命中時防御無視ダメ+10
[PT]過酷な貫通のエリクサー バックアタック命中時防御無視ダメ+10
[PT]強力なグリフォンのエリクサー カーマスリビア種族追加ダメ+17
[PT]終わりなき怒りのエリクサー 攻撃力+8
[PT]鋭い看破看破のエリクサー クリティカルダメ+15%


It seems that there is a standard that this is OK by PT, but this is NG,

I think that if you have a damage addition system, you will get some OK.

You don’t have to think about anything, so I prefer the spirit drug over carrying it (`· ω ·)


villa scroll

If there is a charge camp and another scroll, you can receive a villa buff.

I think that there are fewer people not using villa buff as various effects can be obtained as shown in the above image.

If you haven’t hunted for a while, the villa scroll may have been cut, so check before moving.


Necessary knowledge

Hunting places

It is near the base called “Horo Forest” in Kamas Libya territory.

When going to the mill for the first time, right-click on the Horo Forest and go to the location manager.

There should be a PT member just after going east from the location manager.


Classic hunting route map

Devastating sense

The place we went a little to the east from the forest of Holo is a staple hunting ground.

In the mill tree, we hunt in groups of two and three.

Even if you don’t see the description of the picture, it’s easy to learn by following the people in the same group, so please look at the reference level.

It is not an excuse for not having the sense of the picture ((́ ω `))


※ When there is a person who participates for the first time, when you explain that “Please follow Mr. xx”

do not need to explain the route, so it is recommended.


2 people’s route

If you become two people will follow the route like the arrow.

Because there are fewer enemies than the three-man group, they are often defeated first.


In the area on the left side of the image, when you finish defeating all the places,

In the area on the right, when it is over, I will go to the place of 3 people.


Three people route

The route of 3 people kills quite a lot of enemies at once, so it is possible to catch them well and fix them in one place

It leads to the efficiency improvement.


About how to hunt

Replace group members every 30 minutes

You need to consider the power balance, but

Because there are more MOBs in the 3-person group than in the 2-person group, it is delicious.


Therefore, the group of two people often change in 30 minutes.

This is to ensure that PT members earn evenly.


As we often do not notice replacement of member when we hunt with inertia,

The person who remembers is smooth when speaking out before taking turns (`· ω ·)


Monster fish in one place (very important)

There is a fairly huge MOB called Mill Old Tree, but if you know how to fish this MOB well

Only that will speed up defeat.


Mill old wood is fairly hard, so it is easy to make mushrooms.

If MOB is scattered and raw, group attacks will be dispersed and the waste of attacks will increase.


The attack on Mill Old Wood is a long range,

It will stop when it approaches the distance which can attack the player even a little.

So you need to collect them in one place so as not to stop them.


Commonly, players stop at the same place,

It is to be arranged to surround the player in the form that old trees and other MOBs face each other.

In this case, the player’s back-to-back attack is very slow.



he solution to this problem is simple.

Each fisherman moves to the other side in the form of crossing without stopping at the place they want to collect.

In this way, Mill Old Tree and other MOBs will chase the players who are aiming and gather in one place.

Since the MOB is in the same place, the player’s attack can be concentrated to one point, and the speed of defeating will increase dramatically.


Do not attack when fishing Monster

When fishing, you only need to approach without attacking.

If you attack, it will take about 10 seconds for the monster to move and it will be a time loss.

Because they are delicate, let’s wait carefully until we move out of ourselves (̆ ω ̆)


The tower doesn’t have to attack

This type of tower summons a small number of small monsters, the MOB, Boraro.

In the mill tree PT hunting, earning experience points and money by killing a lot of this boralo.


Since the tower summons or starts a fixed number of Boraros and then disappears after a fixed time,

Basically, there is no need to attack.


※ But because there is a waiting time of Boraro as long as the PT with a certain level of firepower is responsible for all to some extent, however,




It has been several months since Mill PT became popular, so for skilled adventurers

It may be the contents that have become common sense.


This article is for beginners who aim for 61lv or later

We hope that it will be useful for those who want to challenge the mill hunting (‘ω `)