Impressions of ridden a grown DOOM


It was found was that and what it takes

since grwon doom is over


attack skills very strong


・attack skill is critical hit rate 100%(or very high)

・ attack skill is affected by the player AP (Video is Berserker AP261)

・If you using a magic classes you can’t high damage by attack skills



Footsteps of Dark Flame

doom have a two original attack skills

one is footsteps of dark flame

by combine charge with it , can kill player


it will consume 500 staminas


‘This is true DOOM!’


As a drawback it many consume to staminas

if you fighting a this skills, you can’t killing a many player (limit 3~4 enemy)

so can’t killing a long time on DOOM (‘o’)


Passive skill it’s burn a flame,when is Instant Accel in after seconds

the other passive skills(no name)

The second moment of acceleration gives a faint, the third gives knockdown



Difficult to many hits in node war,So unfit for kill a player

But there is very strong to get in the way, Because you can adversely affect

The fuel consumption is not so bad compared to the combo mentioned earlier, so if you use it in the base game, this is likely to be the main.


skills of moving

it’s fast because can using third Instant Accel

ドゥーム 速度

DOOM it  hard to grow a speed status.

But DOOM can be one horse it use third instant accel, so make up for slow speed.

third Instant Accel is more speed than to one and two.


Can carry someone because can ride two people

DOOM are too greedy (⦿д⦿)

He have Power and Speed and plus can ride two people.


Cost of get and training

Get cost is 3,000,000,000silver

Materials were collected relatively inexpensively because one month ago the equipment reinforcement was suspended and materials were collected.


The successful stack was 14.
It will be killed by everyone((⦿д⦿))


The material is purchased at around 2M, and all the reinforcements are used except for the first three times (all avatars of characters have disappeared)


So I got it 3,000,000,000 silver


The cost of training is 760 pearl(51.1NZD)

Boarding stamped ticket: 250 pearl
Skill change ticket: 64 * 8 pieces = 512 pearls


It took about 30 hours to reach the level MAX and the required skill experience MAX

auto running a DOOM since i got it


It finish in about 30 hours because I’m always running a horse to making money,

So the training level is high.

And now is Event (Horse Experience point+100%)


but It takes 50 hours if the conditions are bad


Proportion of technology, elegance and strength when challenging(19/04/26Postscript)

The strength was always 100% and the rest was 70% or less. Because 100% or more rises only 0.5% per training item and cospa is bad.


It was dark blue sone which used a lot to extend physical strength It bought it because sone was cheap in March. Hundreds of them gathered to make sailing ships and escort boats. It is overwhelmingly easier to hunt with kama than woodcutter if it is just material purpose.


I spent a lot of time in order to extend the elegance, so I used to play hunting content such as karuk and balechji during the violent wild beast. It is faster to hunt for this material purpose because only one can be obtained in a single defeat.


I chose the bait of the stone tail because it was the cheapest for the bait of the stone tail that I used a lot to extend the technology. There is a lot of stock in the exchange and it is cheap, so the technology is one choice(´・ω・)


Imperial delivery, how much will it cost to buy at the exchange

12,000,000,000silver when buying on the exchange

When I confirmed this, my hand trembled.

It is safe to take Screenshot safely _( _´ω`)_pesho


6,000,000,000 for delivery to the Imperial Family

There are parts that I can not say because I’m investing charged items, but if I look at it with only silver, it seems to be profitable if I grow and sell.



With regard to the attacking skill, it seems that it will be a firepower that can be defeated with a one-pan when a person in the A280 class gets on it, so I feel that it is likely to be corrected over time


■ notice
I will try dom speed doom taxi between Heidel and Calpheon from about 22:00 tomorrow (19/04/27).

You can see the appearance of Mr. Dongo who looks like a sad face without the appearance of anyone who wants to ride. Look forward to (`· ω ·)

Postscript: At first I thought it would be sad and die, but there were people who could use it. Thank you very much (´ω`)

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