BlackDesertOnline How to Enchanting in BDO Lab


The test server has unlimited use of enhanced items,

so you can strike on weapons and armor accessories.


You can also make a dream full body V equipment! ! !

(But disappears with maintenance every Wednesday)


How to get enhanced items

NPC is here

The starting point is an ancient stone chamber, so we need to move around.


At first we repeat the purchase and sale of the gold bullion sold.

As it is possible to buy in 2.5M and sell in 5M, if you buy as much as you can buy and repeat the sale, you will not be troubled with money.


NPC also sells pets, weapons and armor, and life accessories not yet implemented in Japan.


Of course there is a lot of money so you can do everything in Kron
. We also sell stack 100 scrolls for stacks, so there is no need to stack them.


It is a dream world (0_0)


You can easily make the True 5 equipment.
However, with regard to awakening weapons, it seems that you can not equip them without receiving awakening quests (‘· ω ·)


How to get accessories

Accessories are sold by Lella of Heidel.
However, they are not sold directly, but will be obtained randomly.


About 150 pieces have been opened,

You will need to open a considerable number of boxes as it is difficult to get out of gold frames (`· ω ·)

Also, 100 pieces of trash can be exchanged when the access bag is opened and can be replaced with a box from which you can access the metal frame (at Calpheon)



s a result of continuing opening the access bag for 1 hour, I was enthusiasm saying,

“Let’s make it a friend and the whole body V lol”

There were too few pieces of gold frame and I was exhausted and returned to JP Server,

By the way, the thing which was done in 1 hour was two gold ring 4 ring.

Let’s go Global Lab!!! (^~^)