BlackDesertOnline How to quickly get back from the red name


The following is about the taste of Mr. Dongo who doesn’t care much, please fly if you are in a hurry.


Often the main character is away from the party in RPG games etc. Wanted from the country

Temporarily there are events that create limitations and become inconvenient or weak.

(A development that the main character Carl Johnson needs to live in the country in a game called GTA: SA, etc.)


I really like that kind of development (‘ω `)

Because when the event starts I feel the gratitude and nostalgia I had in the past!

And I feel that I have returned to my hometown when I got back to the original place (`・ ω ・) b


Even if you play a PK or defeat a specific MOB in the black desert, the propensity decreases.

You will be forced to play in the desert area with the base of Muikun (wonderful)

Sometimes the targeting value is negative aiming at the ring material of the masters of the dragon (‘-ω-)


Because the trend value may take tens of hours to return depending on the way,

This time, I will introduce how to return the lowered propensity value at the decelerating speed.


Strongest hunting ground “pirate island” that can be returned from -100,000 to 0 in just one hour

Guild guild executives who let new members hunt

It is said that the hunting ground that restores the propensity value gets faster the further it gets from Muikun.

Worst of all, in the Valencian Region, friends hunted for nearly 10 hours to reach minus one million to zero.


When I tried hunting in Sosan, the trend value recovered earlier than Valencia.

I thought I would hunt in the Poli forest, but there was no difference with Sosan.

The soldier’s tomb is also said to be early, but I received an impression that was a little later than Sosan.


And the fastest hunting ground that arrived is “Pirate Island”


The time it takes to return from zero minus 1 million (max) to 0

It takes about 2-3 hours for Sosan and Poli Forest.

However, pirate island can be returned to 0 in just one hour.

wow it fast! (゚Д゚)


Recovery amount of tendency value has fixed value for every MOB,

The MOB on Pirate Island seems to be the fastest because it has a high fixed number and a large number.


黒い砂漠 性向値高速戻し BlackDesert How to return karma

The pace of hunting will be around the above video.

It may be earlier if the occupation suitable for hunting (‘-ω-)


It is about 30,000 recovery in about 2 minutes.

It can be understood that a little over 60 minutes is enough to recover 1 million by simple calculation.


Notes on hunting on Pirate Island

Take off the equipment when moving

When it comes to Redname, it takes considerable nerves when moving outside the desert area.

Because equipment is destroyed by one-handed PK (゚Д゚)…


So first let’s take off the equipment.

If you take off the equipment, your grade will not fall even if you are killed.

By the way, the decline of the equipment also occurs in Arsha ch, so after all it would be better to be naked outside the desert.


This is not scary (`· ω ·) b

Swimming to the pirate island

It is recommended that you use horsetails to drive from the sand grain bazaar to the beach.

Since it was PK when I was autorun in the state of Redname in the old days (‘· ω ·)


There are a lot of players in Veria village, so it’s easier if you go swimming from the beach of Thermian.

If you have a fish avatar, you can get to Pirate Island in less than 15 minutes.


Always be alert for other players

Take off the equipment and check if the hunting ground is open.

Since Pirate Island is not a desert area, if it is PK, the grade of the equipment may fall.


You also need to be on the lookout for white spots on the map while hunting.

It is safer to flee as soon as people approach during the hunt,

Let’s avoid urgently with V key immediately if there is killing intention ((Д))


Pirate Island (if the attack power is high) hourly salary is too good

Although the location is bad, there are not so many people (‘· ω ·)


in conclusion

A nice sky taken with Muikun

When it comes to Redname, it is aimed from various people.

You can safely hunt in the desert area,

It is better to return quickly because there are some people who are attacking people who see Redname.


If you witness an Redname player outside the desert

There is a risk of destroying the opponent’s equipment, so I play in a style that I can not use before.

Some people come to kill me without mercy, so let’s really be careful (‘· ω ·)


Then (`· ω ·) ゝ