BlackDesertOnline How Many Hours Does Tungrad’s Earrings Drop?


As the attack power has risen, we will be able to return home until the necklace of Tungrad comes out

As every time the start time is 2 o’clock in the middle of the night, midnight tension is a horrible thing (‘· ω ·)



As it is not interesting as plan when we drop immediately

I was wondering if I could change to “If I drop it within 5 hours, I can return to 3 pieces.”

I felt danger from my earring experience, so if I get one it starts with the end rule (`· ω ·)

You will be convinced later that this choice was not wrong …



I did not know this time at this time,

How hard it is for Tungurad necklaces to come out … (゚Д゚)


Conclusion: Very hard to come out (1 piece / about 35H)

Tsurumi’s 20 hours significantly surpassed in 34.5 hours finally dropped!

If it was not possible to go to bed, it was about to start the battle of the death.

After all the drop rate is lower pattern compared with the earrings of Tungrad (`· ω ·)

The hunting characters were haunted by Historian for about a week

I managed to escape successfully! !

I did not want to go to Historia after 20 hours of honesty(゚Д゚;)


I think I’m pretty lucky if I drop it in a few hours of hunting.

You probably should avoid hunting because you think that nothing will come out for about a week (-ω-)




By the way, Tun’s neck dropped was put on sale in 3 minutes. (٩> 3 <) ۶

Oh, the crystal of the effort I took over 35 hours …


About Historian ruins

There is a difference in the speed of hunting depending on the occupation

I was a WZ of about A260, but even if I tried my best, the limit was 2100 pieces of trash.

If it is the same status, it is 2200 in NJ and 2500 in BD.


The speed of hunting is quite different depending on the occupation.

Because it takes time for the enemy to gather hard,


I received an impression that the job of twisting the firepower in a short time seems to be strong (‘· ω ·)

In fact, it is LS, BD, TB, MT, DK that there were many in the hunting ground.

Is there no human rights in WZ? ?


Be prepared to break the crystal because you die often


Unless you get used to it, you will die anyway.

Even if I get used to it, the moment the moment it becomes night, the power of MOB jumps up, so I rarely die in the daytime gap.


The following crystal broke in 35 hours

Strong hum: 6 pieces

True Mamushi: 1 piece

True karme: 1 piece


The amount of loss 690 million silver! ! !



I heard in the rumor of the harbor, but I have traded goods

It seems that the crystal is hard to be destroyed.


In addition, it seems that it can not beat Carquisch’s destructive power.

Give the title of Crystal Breaker to him (`· ω ·)


What dropped in 35 hours

Enjoy after long hunting!

Drop product conversion time! ! ! (Д)

A long-time tied hunting may be doing for this @ v @


Garbage: 69,709 pieces


Old language: 358 sheets


Ancient Power-Red Fragments: 9 pieces


Others, the number of magic crystals is strange.

The black stone armor is also falling considerably (‘-ω-)


It was about 1.6 G in all.

It is around 45M when converted to hourly salary

(By the way, the crystal was broken and so it’s about minus 700M, ouch!)


Reasons why rare items were not at all and how to collect rare items efficiently

It may be noticed because there is no description in the drop product

There is no black piece of tung ear material.

And I think that there is a reason that it took 35 hours until Tsun neck dropped.


It was hunting Monster (place) (゚Д゚)


In fact, the last 30 minutes changed the way we hunted.

It is a way of hunting that seems to be easy to come out rare ignoring Gondoro.


The way to hunt is to hunt only the MOB that drops rare items.

In Historia, MOB that drops Tung Ear Material and Tung Neck is only some strong MOBs.

So I can’t beat 10,000 MOB that won’t drop the material and Tun’s neck.


MOB to drop material


In particular

■ If you want Tungrad earrings

“Tanco” and “Carquiche”


■ If you want a necklace of Tungrad

“Elten”, “Tanco”, “Bodokan”


■ If you want parts of the improved compass

“Elten”, “Bodokan”



As we did not take 34 hours, we ignored the amount of waste for the last 30 minutes

I ran around the hunting area aiming at only Elten, Tanko, and Bodokan (`· ω ·)

root? Or? I don’t know! !

(I ignored Carquiche because he had defeated it many times)


Then I wonder! It was easy to drop! (There are individual differences)


From the above, when hunting for Elten, Tanko, and Bodokan only in Historica ruins

It may be delicious.

(It is efficient to go around the area where there are many MOBs that drop rare items if possible.)


By the way, it is this place, a famous square that has been hunting for 34 hours.

There are a number of Elten and Carquiche, but there is no tanko or board can to drop the rare.

黒い砂漠 ヒストリア廃墟 WZ ヌベ257 266 2000/1H


In addition, about 200 pieces of garbage per hour increased when the skill specialization was used for hunting.

The reason for waving a cane is to put a monster offensive power.

Skills specific to hunting


At the end

A hunting character that successfully escapes

also felt that I struggled because MOB read the air again this time.

Thank you mob. Oops. Carquish please stand in the hallway (.ω.)


I think I was looking at hell if I was playing tied in a sleepless way,

Personally, if I could not return from the hunting ground, I would be full-bodied to bad.


I used to hunt for cancer without sleeping sometimes (゚Д゚)

If you hunt in oars, you will sleep in the daytime without a doubt, and you will use this power recovery potion.

After breakfast, after lunch, you can hunt as long as you drink 3 bottles in the evening!

If you drink too much and feel bad, drink plenty of water and recover! Now reopen hunting!


… I don’t really recommend it because it makes the stomach loose and rough. Let’s sleep properly.

Because it is cheaper than a nearby convenience store, you can buy it in bulk (´ω`)


After all it seems fun to hunt at once in a short time, so I’m going to tie it next time I can not sleep (`· ω ·)

If the attack power exceeds 280, we will try to challenge the hunting ground further.


Next time: I can not sleep until I get out of the ring of Tungrad in the deep! ! !