Talking about retro defense game “Kingdom Two Crowns”


Talking about retro defense game “Kingdom Two Crowns”

This time I will talk about Kingdom Two Crowns which I’d recommend a dog (`· ω ·)

A horrible game that goes by several hours each time you see it as you watch a clock (゚ Д ゚)

It seems that it is on sale at Nintendo’s switch besides PC.

Here is the trailer

Kingdom Two Crowns – Launch Trailer


What kind of game?

It is a genre called “defense game”

It will be a game to do something like a savage crack in the black desert.


Initially it will defend with small bases and few soldiers and gradually enemies become stronger, so increase soldiers to enlarge their territory while protecting bases from destroying demons, eventually destroying the caves the monsters will come It will be the goal of the game.


In the daytime I will lay a wall or hire a soldier.


In the evening, monsters come from the right side and the left side, so they soldiers fight.

I think that the feature of this game is a strengthening system with simple graphics and simple bases that feels nostalgic.


I also use coins to hire people and make walls.

Coins allow archers to defeat wild animals and make farmers grow farms.


The number of coins is decided, but as you strengthen the base, you will be able to deposit the coin.


Game over when a crown is robbed by a demon with no coins

In the old work it was a game over and I started from 1 again,

Now you can play from the place saved in the middle! Easy!


If you destroy the cave and cross the island and destroy all island caves, the game is clear.


About objects

There are several objects in the map, which are arranged randomly.

Bad luck turns into a map with a high level of difficulty (゚ Д ゚)

The following is an example of an object.


People’s tent

A man who becomes a soldier pops on a fire with a tent.

If you cut down either of the trees growing on the left and right, it will not pop, so let’s not let the tree near the tent fall down.


Person with donkey

A person carrying a donke gives several coins the next day when one coin is handed over.

It will be a source of income early and winter.


About the vehicle

There are vehicles that can ride besides early horses.

As the game progresses you will be able to exchange with gems and coins.

Armor’s horse

You can buff soldiers when you dash. (The effect is unknown!)

Movement performance seems to be the same as the default horse.


Yakkuru (nominated dongo)

It is the second easy-to-use ride in this work, letting you follow the family in the forest by tracking it.

You can pull to the base as it is to hunt the archers and earn coins.

I often turn to this place and I am cute٩(๑> ₃ <)۶



Spit a flame with a key to dash, very strong!



It is the easiest to use ride.

Endurance is high and you can move a considerable distance by Mach (`· ω ·)

You can wake the wind with the key to dash and keep the monster away.


How to play for busy people

ingdom uses quite a lot of time when playing at normal speed because movement is quite slow.

Some of the people working will think that the time to play the game slowly is limited.

(The dumpling is also true.)


So we recommend to play the game by doubling the speed of the game using a husky hurricane or the like.

If it is 8 times you can reach it in 1 hour until it takes 8 hours in normal play. Wonderful!

Mr. Google will tell you about the procedure (round throwing)


I played at 8x speed and the clogs took about 12 hours to clear.




It is a fairly interesting game for those who like defensive games.

People who are tired of 3D games and those who want to play games that can be cleared in one day

Why do not you try playing (`· ω ·)


Added 12/21/2018

Writing The current price is about \ 2000.