BlackDesertOnline Slightly minor Balear whale hunting money


This time it is about baldy hunting money policy.

The dog knows that it is not a money measure for all.

Since it is hard to participate if you do not have a acquaintance hunting normally from a mountaineering (‘- ω -)


1. How much can you earn?

In the case that it can be suppressed about five consecutive times, you can earn nearly 5M ~ 50M in 1 hour.

Whale earring material x3 (45 M) + α that fell in the past

Drop item example

If luck is bad it will only be black stone. (Influence greatly on PT ranking and sampling tools at the time of subjugation)

However, if it is a good time of luck, it will be sharp, hard,

The raw material of the whale earrings (15 – 20 M) is down.


You can use it as reinforced as it is, it is delicious even if you sell it.


Benefits and disadvantages of doing this money


· Compared to the level necessary for hunting, strong equipment is unnecessary so even beginners are easy to participate

· Sharp, rigid arms are often available

· You can get the whale muscle recovery agent often used in PvP (you can make ten lines with one whale’s streak)



· Charging avatar is necessary (fishy wear or shark wear is required)

· It can only be done in a fixed time (late night and daytime depending on circumstances)

* POP in 12 to 18 hours cycle

· In order to subjugate continuously, it is necessary to be in a specific ch.


Things necessary

· Fishwear or shark wear


Probably the highest hurdle condition in this money policy.

Basically swim except when attacking whales,

Without this it is hard.


· Hunting level Level 1 skill character

Although hunting lv 0 can not do it,

Since it is rare for hunting guns to be equipped at exchanges to flow

I recommend you to raise it to about 1 skill.


Clear all of the recommended requests “Outbound! Hunting Road” to become skilled lv 2.

It is a quake that starts hunting from Berea village while crossing the island,

I was able to clear it in about 1 hour as I proceeded with a friend on a sailboat.

Since there is a kitsui place without some defense on the way,

Let’s put on the best armor (about 200 can afford)


· Hunting gun

Let’s buy it at the exchange and strengthen it.

Because the number of people increases when Barekuji is a time zone with many people,

It is easier for people who have strong hunting guns to get better.

※ Limitations on the level of equipment that can be equipped are severe, so be careful


· Slaughter Knife

If collection lv is low, store selling does not matter.


· Protective gear

Whole body Fortuna’s good luck xx

Critical to arm + 2 steps

Attack speed + 2 steps

Magical power of crystal.

Hunting guns are affected by attack speed and critical latency.



Let’s take it if there is one.

The time to beat down will be earlier.

icon[PT] Elicor of a strong shock

Critical potential + 3 levels


icon[PT] Elixir of the flowing wind

Attack speed potential + 3 levels


To whale hunt

Bareback is being defeated by players active mainly on hunting.

I do not know the details, but there are factions with S mackerel, V mackerel ….

Donburi is participating in the group of S mackerel.


1. Join whale PT

Firstly, wait for Barekgee recruitment to take place at Serendia – 1 ch.

It is painful because I do not know when to wait if I do not have information on the spring time

It is a point that drags feel unless this is for general players.


If you can make characters for Barekuji let’s leave it on the island of Lema.

In addition, we will move to Serendia – 2 ch when it gets 19:45 before the base battle starts.

* When the base battle begins, the whale of the corresponding channel disappears


The S server group starts from S1.

The whale pops in this wide area on the north side of Berea village


2. Kill whale

If you can participate in PT, I will follow the whale icon on the map and chase.

There is a fishing boat for attacks in the vicinity so you should ride it to defeat.


I tried a fishing boat once, but it is a tough machine as compared with a hunting gun charge.

It is common sense to say a thank you after knocking down.


3. To the next ch or end

Unlike Calc, Barekuji is defeating a certain ch each time in order.

It is in ch chronological order that the spilling cycle has also been defeated.

Since the next ch is specified in general chat or party chat, I will follow.

If it is the last ch it will be dissolved.

When there are many people, it is often time to wait for a cool time for channel movement.


Small material

· When entering PT on the way

If you attack the whale without entering the PT and you enter the PT on the way

Please note that damage given will be reset.


· When the endurance has expired at the sea

Once you return to the cactor selection screen you can recover.


· When the durability of the hunting gun has disappeared

If you have a charge camp, spread camps on nearby islands and let them repair.

Let’s return to Lama Island etc. if there is nothing.

It might be good to repair during the cool time of channel movement.


· Being a whale is prohibited (bug)

If a whale is too close by a fishing boat, it will attack.

A bug will occur if you get on a whale unfortunately at this time.

As for what kind of bugs, I intend to have a fishing boat on my screen

The phenomenon occurs that the actual fishing boat is moving forward.

Immediately after the whale attacked, if the fishing boat stops chasing a whale


Get off the ship and chase a whale.

Then a fishing boat will appear and it will be able to ride.


* In the past, when this bug happens, it will be submerged in the seabed and die,

It seems that it was called descombo. (Lol)


· Is not it a sailboat?

Because the sail boat is big, the probability of getting into a whale gets better.

Also, fishing boats are used because it is hard to apply a hunting gun.



Balore money policy is a good taste that makes it easy to participate if you know a veteran Bare Kuji Hunter.

Participation hurdles are somewhat expensive, but whales POT and sharp tight guys are available

Why do not you try incorporating those who like PvP into your usual money policy.


Currently writing (18/11/2) Because I join the dumpling guild,

If you are interested in the guild, please talk to “Dango BR”.

Well then (`· ω ·)