BlackDesertOnline Over 5 million daily salary! A plywood processing policy that can be neglected!



It is a money policy to process and sell raw wood collected by workers.

I can make a profit about 5M ~ 30M by leaving it for about 10 hours.

It is suitable for those who want to earn easily without using real labor.


merit and demerit


Almost negligible

It does not take time and effort



It is not suitable for a long-term complete leave (more than 1 to 2 hours)

It is necessary to gather some logs in advance in advance.


Good ones are better

■ Chalki avatar


· Process success rate + 3%

· Warehouse item can be processed

→ You will be able to process items in the warehouse directly.

The creation enters the bag but it can be left for a longer time.


■ Silver embroidery craftsmen’s clothes


· Processing experience increase + 5%

· Process success rate + 6%

→ Probability of success in processing increases, production per hour increases.

Let’s equip it because it can be unreinforced.


Cook: Pistachio Fried Rice


· Process success rate + 3%

→ It is similar to clothing of processing craftsmen


■ spirit stone of life


· Processing success rate + 11%

→ It is similar to clothing of processing craftsmen



1. Make workers collect logs

Because the unit price is high, logs that were implemented afterwards are recommended as much as possible.

Larvae near Berea and Heidel (such as Tonelico and maple) are gathered in large quantities over a long time by users who have been playing for a long time, because there is no demand and the unit price is low.

Recommended dumpling

■ Wood of Hinoki


→ The unit cost is high.

Availability: Media Northern Plateau · Elric Temple


■ Palm trees


→ There is a demand for using as a sailboat equipment with less necessary contribution degree.

Acquisition base: Tim Valley · Aleh hay forest (2 places)


■ Pine wood


→ There is a demand for use on a sailboat.

Obtaining base: Temple of Selendia – Mary’s cave


2. Process

If we gather more than 5,000 books

Process the collected logs to the board

Process the finished board and cut down to plywood.


Processing for about 10 hours with the processing master 10

More than 2000 plywood will be completed

We do not recommend using workers because the number of plywood is reduced because it is reduced.

3. Sell at exchanges

We will register plywood to the exchange.

Plywood will fluctuate pretty well so if you shed it when you are exhausted you will get more profit.

In case of Japanese cypress and pine, this will make plywood for 20M.



Plywood processing money is a policy to earn without the real labor force.

When playing another game or

Recommended because it can be done for a short time such as when you eat.

Without fear of selling fish like fishing.

It does not require transportation or desert buffing like trade.

If you can not take the time please try it.


Well then (`· ω ·)