BlackDesertOnline Mill tree ruins that became super delicious


Mill ‘s tree remains weakened by the 10/24 update, so I tried hunting.

In the casual superior hunting field without Elixir

When I wanted a prior knowledge and was charged, I was immediately sinking with the pain like the Gui Ping,

After maintenance it seems that damage is considerably reduced, so you can endure collecting it.

(GA of D 300, HP 4000)


I went with four people equivalent to Kutum A 230.

As a result of 1 hour

trash 1300 (about 20 M)


Experience value is 0.4% at 61 lv with battle writing, mercenary buff,


It is quite delicious in PT hunting.

With gui pin, it was around 10M hourly with insufficient A but even without elixir

I’m glad to earn this much.

Although rare did not fall, the cups and summoned items fell.


Because the location is not far from Guy Pin, it is easy to gather.


Person facing

People who feel that the guy pin is a bit high in thresholds (understanding of fishing and preparation of elixir etc)

I want to do a guy pin in the guild but something seems to be somewhere where people are not enough.

I think that using an elixir would improve hourly wages

I thought that it was easy and nice as I do not need it as much as a guy pin.


The place to hunt is here, a little north from the NPC in Holo Forest.

黒い砂漠 ミルの木遺跡 4人狩り



I think that I will go through everyday until all knowledge becomes S.

Well then (`· ω ·)



10/26 postscript

When three people hunted, the belt stopped and it was 50 M / hour.