BlackDesertOnline About Calk hunting money policy


This time is about money policy to hunt Calk.

1. How much can you earn?

You can earn around 5 to 25 M in about 10 to 30 minutes.

I am stripping it with a shop knife,

It is easier to rare if you use a slaughter knife with magical power.

What I would like to pay attention is that the drop rate of a sharp, hard one is very high.

People who do not do life content are easy materials to strengthen.


lso, the rare drop brings down the earring material of the fallen.

Shining hands claws of desperate hands

This is very delicious with 20 M in one.

I feel that it is falling with probability about once every 10 ten.



Advantage / disadvantage of doing this money


Compared to the level necessary for hunting, strong equipment is unnecessary so even beginners are easy to participate

· Sharp, rigid arms are often available



· It can not be done in a free time (it is possible only at the timing when Kalk pops)

· It is necessary to prepare a sub character for Calc (about 1 hour or so)


Things necessary

· Hunting level Level 1 skill character

Although hunting lv 0 can not do it,

Since it is rare for hunting guns to be equipped at exchanges to flow

I recommend you to raise it to about 1 skill.

Clear all of the recommended requests “Outbound! Hunting Road” to become skilled lv 2.


It is a quake that starts hunting from Berea village while crossing the island,

I was able to clear it in about 1 hour as I proceeded with a friend on a sailboat.

Since there is a kitsui place without some defense on the way,

Let’s put on the best armor (about 200 can afford)



· Hunting gun

Let’s buy it at the exchange.

I think that it is affordable if there are about five books.

※ Limitations on the level of equipment that can be equipped are severe, so be careful



It is good with 5 generations selling in stable


· Slaughter Knife

If collection lv is low, store selling does not matter.


· Special grade carrots

Often the endurance of a horse disappears.


· Protective gear

Whole body Fortuna’s good luck xx

Critical to arm + 2 steps

Attack speed + 2 steps

Magical power of crystal.

Hunting guns are affected by attack speed and critical latency.



Let’s take it if there is one.

The time to beat down will be earlier.

icon[PT] Elicor of a strong shock

Critical potential + 3 levels


icon[PT] Elixir of the flowing wind

Attack speed potential + 3 levels


Where there is a descendant Kalk

Kalk pops in two places.

If there is a killer fake, it will be displayed on the map.

■ I have a cyclopsee

It is called Cyclo Calc.



■ Hasra around the ancient ruins

It is called Hasuraku.

The mark around the center of the image is the icon of Kagu Karuku.



How to beat easy

Basically you can defeat by shooting a hunting gun.

Although Kalk does not attack, MOB such as Cyclops attacks.

If you first found it, write it to PT recruitment bulletin board

It would be a good idea to recruit in the whole chat.

Falling people Calc can peel off 5PT or individuals in descending order of damage given.

Even if there are five or more people attacking Calc, it will be said to be “Mr. ○ ○ party”

More people can peel off.




Small material

■ When entering the PT on the way

If you attack Kalk without entering PT and you enter PT in the middle

Please note that damage given will be reset.


■ Benefits of PT members

If you enter PT within 5 with PT assembled and subjugate,

PT members can peel off without giving an attack.

Please note that members from far away need to re-log.

(You probably can not peel off as it is not loaded when you are out of sight of Calk)

* You can not peel off when you enter PT after knocking down.


■ How to kill Kalk continuously

After killing Kaluk, it will spring again in a period of a certain time. (Around 12 hours?)

So when you subjugate with multiple chance you should refrain from turning around

It can be killed continuously.

* The cycle will be reset after maintenance.



As long as Calc can prepare a character

It is quite a good taste.


Because reinforced material is also available

Those who have sub-character free time please try.


Well then (`· ω ·)