BlackDesertOnline It is cheaper to buy! What? How much will it cost until you succeed in TET Dandelion?


Continue to knock out the dunderon over 4 months

Finally I succeeded in the V Chale of the dandelion,
About the cost and the success rate per stack
I will try to calculate (`· ω ·)



People who have no luck are cheaper to buy!

Concerning how to collect reinforced items, condensation is bought and processed by sharp people.

Memory fragments were gathered by buying a large amount of ancient words (‘· ω ·)


Since the number of successes and failures of strengthening is left in the diary, I calculate it.

And the number of strengthened items drawn out is here


x 762 items! !


x 5570 items! !


About 960 each! ! (For stack)

I do not count the number of times when stack saving failed, so I use more numbers.


From the number of used items

When converting into fragments of ancient words and sharp black crystals

To 10, 278, 940,000 silver

Higher than I expected! ! ! And the digits are strange! ! ! (; · o ·)



Let’s see an exchange price of true 5 dandel here.

Since it is 8.9 billion silver at the exchange …

It is cheaper to buy! What? (゚ Д ゚)


Although I thought that it was expensive when I saw the price of Danderion Shin five

Actually challenging it turns out that it costs a reasonable amount of money

(At the same time it turned out that Mr. Don is making very much money)


Actually you can receive reinforcement items from login bonus etc. So it should be a little less! !

… I want you to be so! ! ! OTL


Stack area you were hitting and success rate

This time we strengthened with the following stack.


True 2 challenge: Stack 20 – 29

True 3 Challenge: Stacks 30 to 47

True 4 Challenge: Stacks 57 – 90

True 5 Challenge: Stack 100 ~


If you strike the dandel in this stack range, the result is as follows.

Although the success rate was disclosed, the actual success rate seems to be close to (‘· ω ·)


Awakening attack power greatly increased!

Impression of friend who saw this equipment

“Beat the earring earlier”

Ho, hey, do you have a romance with a dandelion (((‘o `)))


The status did not grow for almost 4 months

The attack power rises by 8 at a stroke! We have reached 265 which is said to change the world in a little while! !

Since the earrings have elongation, so if you can make two true 3

Attack power is 268! ! Wow 🙂

I got a lot of stack

When you challenge the stack accumulates.

People who want a stack are recommended.

However, I have to endure keeping failing over the long term · · ·.


Click here for the extra stack in this reinforcement

Stack 90 or more x 4

Stack 41×9

Stack 38 × 3

Stack 29×13


Unlimited access (`· ω ·) b

I got a stack 100 in a recently implemented adventure diary

There is enough stack to make all accessories 4 true (゚ Д ゚)



It took me about 4 months to succeed and I was very happy (‘ω `)

We will strengthen accessories with 4 funds sold that we sold (`· ω ·)


It seems to finally get out of the swamp of Philadelphia at last.

The remaining weapons “Hey”




to be continued