BlackDesertOnline Isolated flow enhancement method for black desert brain muscle


I recently succeeded in reinforcing the true 5 of Dandelion

I will introduce about how to strengthen the equipment of the flower (`· ω ·)


Although it is an introduction article for people who are accustomed to strengthening rather than say,

Even beginners will roughly explain the flow explanation on strengthening of the black desert so that it can be understood to a certain extent.

People reading this is like a dragon


(º﹃º) “i want stronger”

Because I think that there are many people with brain muscles, I think that you can strengthen if you remember only these three flows.

Since I purchase the material almost in silver, I will collect money and strengthen it by buying the material.

Comment The end! ! (`· _ ·) b





TET Dandelion Click here for a successful article

19/05/25追記: アプデでクロンの数が減ったので、現在は611個で1回チャレンジできます。 ちなみに自分…



How to collect reinforced material items (basically purchasing exchanges)

Blackstone: Exchange or cadre ruins hunt

Blackstone is bought at the exchange.

You can buy 100 pieces at 21M, but if it is planned to strengthen as it is sold out by popularity

I think that it is good to buy it for purchase purchase to some extent (`· ω ·)


If you are lucky 100 pieces and about 4 stacks 20

If you are unlucky you can stack 100 one piece at 100 pieces.

If a person who is not painful to hunt hunts in Cudley ruins


We will drop 50 weapons and armor in 1 hour.

(Kutum and attack power of about 240 WZ, pets all need 3 generations or more)

I studied several hunting scenes but in the Balesia region, Cadrey was innocent.


If you are interested in other hunting spots, please visit

190606追記:狩りのデータが増えたので新たにまとめました。(攻撃力269以上の人向け)   フレ…



Black stone of condensed magical power: Exchange

There is no room for black stone,

If you are aiming at the top of the black desert and say “You can not waste a few minutes!”, Let’s buy the finished product.


Since a dumpling has no money, I purchase fragments and process it (‘· ω ·)

Weapons were exhausted before implementing the integrated exchange

An abnormal situation occurs that the price drops too much after mounting.


I wonder if the number of players whose weapons all become true 5 because of the increase in the distribution of the items (‘- ω -)


Memory fragment: Exchange, hunting in the Valencia region

Although it is overwhelmingly to purchase at exchanges,

I buy the scroll recorded in old language because I lose it when I buy the actual thing.

As old papers are 5 pieces (about 9 M) and 7 pieces of memory fragments (about 12 M minutes when purchasing the actual thing) are available because it is available.

Since the place is far from Artino, when you rotate it will be time saving if you digest it collectively.



By the way it does not turn ancient because it takes time.

People who cook may be OK as they can get deer while turning.

It might be good as a fishing person can also get it by fishing.

… For the farmer! What? (゚ Д ゚)



For hunting in Valencia it may be good to decide according to the status.

My boom at the hunt has changed as follows.

Crescent moon → Gahazz → Cadre ruins → Akman temple, Historia ruins

If I hunt recently, I am hunting in Akman Temple and Historia ruins.


Volcs’ cry: Exchange, login bonus, billing

Volkswag’s cry is gotten by buying a charging avatar.

Since it is used only when you are going to challenge True 4 in a Dongguan’s strengthening method,

There is not much depletion.

I will charge you if I want it soon (‘· ω ·)


How to add the stack

Stack 20

A stack 20 that is required to strengthen truly more than one is hitting Leblas armor +14.

The reason is because it is cheap.


If you do not have Leblas armor +14, buy it from Berea’s repair NPC and let’s hit it.

If there are about 100 Blackstone armor

I think Leblas of +14 will be completed.



Since strengthening values ​​were only able to be raised only in the character death of a character whose negative value was minus in the past, there are Leblas of various parts.
Sometimes it accumulates up to +20, there are also times when it will succeed with stack 0 or regret 19.


Let’s confident that we were successful in strengthening the same probability as true 5 (‘ω `)

(Person who got strange with truth strengthening)

When endurance disappears, I will buy 8 pieces from Uncle Tranin and repair it.

If there are more than one, it’s efficient to go to repair after all durability of LEVLAS + 14 has gone.


Also, when all equipment equals +15, go to church and return to +14.

After returning, I will knock on all the leblas on the spot until endurance 20 of +14 is reached.

If it gets +15, it will lower the enhancement value on the spot.

Let’s exhaust all the durability and squeeze out the stack (`· ω ·)


I used cheap armor such as Granil in the past

As reinforcement stops if there is no stock in stock exchanges, we have returned to Leblas (‘· ω ·)

(However, if you are still in the beginning, the equipment will be stronger while accumulating the stack

I think that it is recommended to accumulate stacks using armor such as Guranil)


Green awakening weapons (NPC sales near Altino warehouse)

And militia weapons (NPC sales near Beria Kakashi)

Even though I tried using it, I need to go buy every time I repair it,

Because it weighs the weight of the integrated exchange, it became troublesome and returned to Leblas (‘· ω ·)



“Leave stack 20 to me (` · ω ·) b ”


Lebreshermum “Ah”


Stack 20 and beyond weapons and armor that you want to succeed

There seems to be quite a lot of players who can save using cheap armor such as Feebo, Grunil, Fortuna.

I did not match the style of a dumpling so I recently tried to clash with weapons and armor that I wanted to be 5.


Because I do not need it if the equipment you do not need is successful (゚ Д ゚)

Certainly it will be cheap to strike equipment that does not require fragments of memory as viewed from repair,

I think that it would be more happy if you succeed if you succeed, it will be better to hit the glad equipment.


(It would be great if equipment to replace Leblas comes out)

Also, from a stack 20 to a dumpling friend

Some Tsuwamono produce stack 30 using militia’s weapon +14.

When I tried to imitate it came to +15 with one shot orz …


Stack value when reinforcing

It is hitting with the stack value as shown below.

When it is absolutely necessary to succeed I will not think about anything and hit it with a high stack (`0 ω 0)

Weapons & armor

Since the weapons and armor are not extinguished even if they fail, the success rate is hit with a low stack.


■ True 2 Challenge: Stacks 20 to 29

After hitting three times and failing, I bought secret text from uncle Tranin and extracted it.

Since it is troublesome to transfer items for stack storage to other characters (‘· ω ·)


■ True 3 Challenge: Stacks 29 to 41 or 47

Stack 41 is for Access True 3 Challenge,

Stack 47 puts Volks and raises it to 57 and turns it for true 4 challenge.

I’m stopping it with each stack I want.


True 5 Because I wanted to count the number of enhancements when I was strengthening

When I became 41 or 47 I was using secret texts,

It might be better not to buy a person who can take time and effort because it is quite expensive.

Mr. Don seems to have bought without looking at the price


■ True 4 Challenge: Stacks 57 – 90 (puts the scream of Volks on stack 48)

When it becomes stack 90, it begins to hit from 57 with another character.

People with confidence may stop at about 80 stacks.

Stack 90 is used for access truth 4 or true 5 challenge.


Now we are stopping the weapon armor with the stack 90 because it is all 4 bosses,

The person who is not yet may be able to hit until it succeeds (‘- ω -)


When I first challenged DANDERION TRUE 4, I was beating beyond Stack 100 as well.


First boss true 4!

Again it took about 4 months to strengthen (‘ω `)


By the way Equipment at that time (August 2017) is here

Armor gears that failed in true 3 challenge

Pattern tendency to start strengthening from the dandelion (`· ω ·)




Even if access fails, only 1 stack is accumulated,

It is strengthened with the stack value that seems to be somewhat successful because of the high cost of one strengthening.

■ True 1 Challenge: Stacks 20 to 29

There are 70% so it goes fine.


■ True 2 Challenge: Stack 30 – 40

After this the earrings disappeared (゚ Д ゚) …


■ True 3 Challenge: Stack 40 to 50

It is 40% but it passes quite a lot in success.


■ True 4 Challenge: Stack 80 ~

True 4 seems to be more successful than stack 70.

I’m beat with over 80 but recently I lost three consecutive games in 100 orz





If the stack value is to be referred to

It may be useful to save this image by right clicking (‘· ω ·)


There seems to be conditions that are likely to succeed / fail (experience stories)

Since it is not possible to leave data, it will be a talk of bodily sensation to the last,

I think that it is easy to succeed when the action of the game is light.


Night that is easy to fail with bodily sensation

In terms of concrete terms, if you strengthen during the night time in the game of the Golden Time (around 19:00 to 22:00)

I feel that strengthening tends to fail.

I have failed in the Dunde True 2 Challenge at the maximum of 15 times, or I have been able to mass produce the stack 20.

I will not forget the despair of the moment when the collected memory fragments disappeared (; ω;)

Also, there is a feeling that ch that is holding base battlefields and occupation warfare is also likely to fail.

Although it is a hypothesis, it may be easy to fail when the load on the black desert server is loaded.

By the way, when I succeeded in truth 5 it was about 13 o’clock on weekdays.

Because it was daytime on weekdays even when succeeding in truth 4 was successful, the time to strengthen may be quite important.

There is no data, so the possibility of belief is high (゚ Д ゚)


At the end

This will be the law of strengthening flow,

It is only Leblas and boss armor what you hit

Because I am simple, I thought that I am on my own (brain muscle).


Since the method of strengthening differs depending on the person,

I think that you can see it as a method of strengthening one player.


If you are the King of Petroleum, it is quicker to charge and buy finished products, ٩(๑> ₃ <)۶

Well then (`· ω ·)


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