BlackDesertOnline Impressions of trying to make pet 4 generations × 5 pet


Since the specification of pet changed and 4 generations were able to make sure,

I made it to all four generations quickly.

Performance of 4 generations x 5 animals

At first I wanted skill experience value so I had it with five dogs,

Dango wanted to gather knowledge of ecology so change to bird using rollback


Increase in knowledge acquisition rate + 100%

It seems that this can be expected for the outrageous number of upper knowledge acquisition probability increase + 20%.


The item acquisition speed has been reduced from 3.0 seconds per animal to 2.3 seconds.

For example, when picking up 20 items, it takes 12 seconds to pick up in 9 seconds or so

If it is over-hunting it will change so much.


The pearl you put in is like this

The day of high temperature continues, but it seems that my wallet has reached the Ice Age.


There was no big change in the hunting money policy

I tried hunting at pirate island and crescent moon temple.

The result is as follows.


Crescent Temple

Dust drop amount

3 generations x 5: 8,916 pieces

4th Generation x5: 9,312 pieces


Hourly wage (garbage + rare goods)

For 3rd Generation x 5: 20, 629, 278 Silver

4th Generation x5: 21,056,958 Silver (about 0.5 M)


As a result that the acquisition fee when looking at the garbage drop is increased by about 5%

The crescendo temple was not so profitable because the unit cost of garbage drop is cheap compared to the superior hunting field.


Quitu Islands (Pirate Island)

Dust drop amount

3 generations x 5: 3,510 pieces

4th generation x5: 3,729 pieces


Hourly wage (garbage + rare goods)

3 generations x 5: 34,440,000 silver

4th Generation x5: 26, 139, 300 Silver


Although the amount of garbage drops is increasing,

Hourly wage is negative depending on the amount of rare drop (coral ring etc.).


Mill tree ruins (3 hit PT)

Dust drop amount

3 generations x 5 person: 1,324 pieces

People of 4 generations x 5: 1,328 pieces


Hourly pay (garbage + rare goods) * Approximate amount for special price

For 3 generations x 5: approx. 30,000,000 silver

For 4th Generation x5: Approximately 30,000,000 Silver


Because you can catch up with 3 generations pet to the speed of defeating the enemy,

There was no difference with 4 generations here.


In case of 4 birds generation S knowledge became considerably easier (feeling)

Originally the bird system was 3 generations x 5 animals and the knowledge acquisition rate was about 70%


Impression that S knowledge became quite easy to come out by becoming 100%.

By the way, even if knowledge acquisition probability reaches 100%, knowledge does not necessarily come out,

It is only the probability of + 100% original knowledge


It takes about an hour for a hard-to-go guy.

If we set it to 200 more, we will keep on constantly Kama (item acquisition probability + 20%) so we will try hard (‘- ω -)



In subordinate hunting, there are many cases where profits are mainly given by rare drops (summoned items, etc.)


It is unlikely that it will be positive compared to 3 generations. (It may be easier to pick up rare)

A player who can instantly kill an enemy at a superior hunting ground (historian ruins etc.) may be visible and the hourly wage may rise.


Regarding knowledge gathering it became easier to gather and I am quite satisfied.

Because we fly tens of thousands lightly to arrange five animals

I think that three generation is enough if it is not a pervert knowledge mania.


Since the trial time is as short as a few hours, it will be appended if there is a big change.

Well then (`· ω ·)


19/02/09 Addendum

In underground overfishing,

Pet order is agile and normal

It seems that there are considerable differences in the number of items picked up.

In the following data the top row is agile and the bottom row is normal.

Be careful not to forget it (‘- ω -)