BlackDesertOnline How to make a cozy community with Onlinegame?


How to make a cozy community in online games?

If you are playing online games you will belong to various communities unless you want solo play.

For example, hunting for stray · Daily Ques PT and belonging to the guild and the situation is various.


Among them are “cozy PTs and guilds” and “PT and guilds that are killing and uncomfortable”.

Many such online games belong to various communities, however,

I noticed that there are people who are comfortable in the cozy guild.


For example, in your guilds or PTs that you belong to, there may be people saying “It’s fun when this person is there” or “Someone who is comfortable with this person” (‘ω `)


Dango was a messy communication teaching, so I’ve been studying about creating a community that makes people feel comfortable by reading books on communication and practicing on chat as longing for those people.


How can we make such a cozy community this time?

I will introduce about your opinion about that.


1. Be responsive to someone’s remarks

※ This image has nothing to do with the commentary.


At what point do you feel that you are “uncomfortable” in communicating in an online game?

The feeling that the dumplings are uncomfortable is when there is no reaction, such as a response, when speaking in chat.


For example, when everyone else is left unattended,

Hunting etc. together and making remarks When there is no response, I think that it is uncomfortable considering that “Is it being neglected?” (I think there are individual differences according to the way of thinking)

And, I think that it will require twice the courage to make a statement that people will not be able to opponate even if they speak.


Because I have a fear of failure experiences that no reply came even if I speak.

So when I speak of a community belonging to a dumpling, I always try to respond.

(With an amazing Speeeed!)

Even if you are talking on a scale of ten people, those who have not responded will reply after a while.


It is to create an environment where everyone can speak freely.

By doing so, we hold a sense of security that “even if you make a statement you will react”

I believe that individual players feel “communities that can speak comfortably”.

“Oh, I think that this community is looking at yourself!”

The following is a guild chat for one day.


When viewing from a viewpoint other than dong, if you look at this log,

You can feel it responded.



By responding to such remarks without omission in this way,

You can feel comfortable and be a comfortable community.


2. To sympathize well

※ This image has nothing to do with the commentary.


It is necessary to pay attention to making a cozy community

“Do not deny opinion from the top”

I think. (It is different in the place to discuss)

It is because you embrace the fear of failure as you do when there is no response if you deny it though you made a remark by saying courage.


■ Example sentence 1

A “Is not there a drop in the box at all?

B: “No, I’m falling down myself xx boxes.”


■ Example sentence 2

A “Is not there a drop in the box at all?

B “Certainly …”


Which do you feel secure or close to?

Perhaps there are many people who feel the sense of security and affinity for Mr. B of example sentence 2.

In some cases, some people may find it difficult to speak like Mr. B in example sentence 1.

Why do you feel that way,


People are said to have a sense of security for those who resemble themselves. (Similar way of speaking, way of thinking, appearance etc)

Therefore, I believe that you can sense peace of mind by agreeing to your opinion.

If you speak in the same way with similar emoticons in the net,

You can get this effect.


The following is a guild chat for one day.

C21 is the title of the online game that I was playing in the past.

Pplk hit the same emoticons against the emoticons that I hit, and I felt a sense of security and affinity.


(Pplk who was in trouble with replying is overwhelmed by using similar emoticons, which is a delightful figure for anyone)


By holding similar emoticons and talking like this, embracing sense of security and affinity,

I think that it will become a cozy community.


3. Greeting

What do you think if you greet you with guild chat or talks when you log in or leave and leave behind?


I think that most people feel “I’m happy!”


Log in → Admit your presence, there are people waiting for you

People think that they want to participate in the community more by thinking on it.

Why do you think this way,


It is a bit difficult language, but people have a desire for “desire for approval”. (This also applies to 1 and 2 above)

What you say is the desire of a person to feel that it was satisfied, for example, by others being recognized, praised, relying, becoming a higher position than the other. (twitter’s favorite! something can satisfy this.)

Saying in the game may be satisfied if your play is better than your opponent or equipment is strong.


Thanks to this desire, I think that I feel that the community is more comfortable if greeted


Notice to make a cozy community

This is the story that the actual experience,

There are things you need to be careful in making cozy communities.


The risk of “relying on that community”

(The dog knows that it is one of causes of online game dependence)


Dango was communal in real but was participating in a cozy community in the online game.

Although it was a student then that community was too cozy,

I put off what I had to do in real life, increasing the number of failures.


(It depends, for example, when I am doing work, I think that it was in a very bad situation if I threw away the real)


As I was the principal who made the community, I was able to return to real by destroying the community in the middle (forcibly dissolution of the guild), but in the end I am prepared for that I think that it depended so much that it could not return if there was not.


Since the society of online games is on the real end to the last, I think that the risk when the values ​​of real and online games are reversed is immeasurable. (Such as heavy accounting etc.)

This is a caveat in making a cozy (too good) community where you think of it.



This will be a way to make a cozy community where you can think of anything.

The time to spend in a comfortable community with a risk is very pleasant and stimulating.


Just by taking advantage of the above techniques I think that it will be a pretty cozy community.

Please also try it in the community to which you belong.


Moreover, if there is a community which feels uncomfortable, it does not meet the above contents,


Please also check to see if you have made such an environment yourself.

I hope to continue to increase the number of cozy communities in various online games and wish to spread online games (‘ω `)


Well then (`· ω ·)