BlackDesertOnline How to collect knowledge of ecology / adventure diaries efficiently


My action force is currently 547.


You do not have to gather all the knowledge, but if you collect about 90% it will increase your ability to act.

My knowledge is also quite satisfactory.


Those who are not filled with people / topography easily increase as they run around,

From the middle you need to gather knowledge of ecology and adventure diary,

This time I will show you how to collect adventure diaries and ecological knowledge efficiently.


How to collect ecological knowledge

How to find monsters

Ecology can be earned by defeating monsters.

Even if you do not have knowledge of ecology you can check only the name.

But I do not know where it will spring,

So we will use the site “BlackDesert database”.

First enter the name of the monster you want to find in the search frame in the upper right


Since corresponding information is displayed,

Click the name of the monster.


Then the place where the corresponding monster gushes is displayed.

Go to the place with a flag and push it all the way.

In some cases, there are also MOBs that only one animal does not

Let’s hunt such MOBs with sub-characters.


Also, since the objective is to increase your ability to act, it is not a complete knowledge

There is no need to forcibly collect strong MOB such as gatekeeper length.

There is no problem truncating MOBs that do not hunt for a long time.

Let ‘s quickly beat other non – acquired monsters.



How to defeat in the early stage area

Where there are a lot of weak MOBs such as Varenos, Selendia etc.

Using witch or wizard

With chain lightning in a horse riding condition you can easily defeat a lot.

Wizard horse-top chain lightning

ウィザード 馬上チェーンライトニング

MP will be exhausted, so it would be better to take potions.

If the attack power is very high (240 or more in Kutum) it will work with monsters of Calfaun.


How to make it easier to acquire knowledge

Acquisition rate UP without charge

■ Cook: stir-fried bracken sauce

Knowledge acquisition probability + 5%


■ Elixir: Elixir of Winnie the Spirit

Increase in knowledge acquisition rate + 7%

It may be better than nothing.


Acquisition rate by billing UP

■ Glasses Avatar

Knowledge acquisition probability + 50%


■ Pets (birds)

If you prepare 5 generations, you can raise + 75%.

Since the cookie distributed at the event is also a bird, let’s put out when we gather knowledge.

I got it because I wanted the training experience value UP but because it costs money

I think that one generation is enough.


How to collect adventure logs

Types of knowledge of adventure journal

The adventure diary is acquired in the following three ways.

“Obtained in conversation” → Acquire by speaking to the corresponding NPC or object

* In some cases such as “gather information from residents”, we may talk in quest process


“Get on Request” → Acquire to complete the quest


“Get on intimacy” → acquire in conversation by raising familiarity


How to obtain conversation / request knowledge

Knowledge not acquired in adventure logbook is

Different from ecology, only hints will come out even if pointing it.


So I will examine the name of knowledge on wiki.

In this time, I will examine the knowledge that is one downside of “think like Changa Shelekan.”

I found that one knowledge is “qualities of hunter”.


Next, search “qualities of hunters” at the database site.

It seems to be the knowledge that type gets in the middle of quest for quest.


When you click on the hunter’s qualities, this page is displayed,




A lot of chain quests came out.

It seems that it will be unavailable unless you do quite a quest as it is behind you.

* If you have already cleared a series of quests in the middle,

You must continue from the quest.

Also, when you do not know how far you are going

It is necessary to turn around NPC from the beginning of the chain.



Returning to the top of the page, out of a series of quests,

Search for the first quest to start.

Here it seems to begin with the quest “I’m done!”


By clicking the quest name

The NPC that starts “quest is over!” Is displayed.

Since it seems that it can be received from NPC called Pompa, I will go to the relevant NPC.


If you do not know the location you click on the name

You can see the position of NPC.

It is very difficult to understand because there are no bases icons etc …


Since there is a quest, by advancing this quest afterwards

I get the knowledge I wanted.


As for objects, we also looked up knowledge names in Japan WIKI,

Search in the database.

Then there is a tab called Acquirer so open a tab,

Click on the listed object.


Since the place where the object is located is displayed,

Knowledge can be obtained by going to the site and examining the object.


How to obtain familiarity knowledge

Do not use wikis or databases for familiarity.

It is easy to use the in-game NPC search function.

Information on familiarity is displayed when pointing to NPC name of town or base.


Since the blue icon is knowledge that can be acquired with familiarity,

If you find this icon, let’s talk with the corresponding NPC and increase your familiarity with a greeting.

It is easy to deploy sub-characters for familiarity in each town.


As a caveat, in some cases you may already have earned in quest

Let’s confirm before raising intimacy.



Knowledge of ecology / adventure diary can be gathered easily by using wiki and database site.

For those who collect knowledge from now on please try.

Well then (`· ω ·)




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18/12/26 postscript

The probability of item acquisition of ecology was canceled

Yee Ai (゚ Д ゚) ノ