BlackDesertOnline Hedgehogs were super useful


Hedgehog gacha implemented it so I tried aligning five animals at once.


The golden hedgehog’s amazing place

Automatically collect plants that consume durability of hoe, once every 5 minutes.

Hedgehog is able to collect grass, grains, etc. automatically.


■ Conditions of sampling

· It can not be sampled with 0 hunger

· Collection speed is once every 5 minutes per animal (the pace to take once per minute if there are 5 animals)

· Character collection lv does not affect

· Consume 1 action power every time you collect

· Only harvestable ones can be collected (ores and trees can not be taken)

· We will not collect samples unless special skill is on

(When you change the character etc, be sure to check before special leave because special skill turns OFF)


Those available for about 8 hours horse left

* It is not a drop item because it was hard and pointed originally.

I was surprised because the oil material for roses, tulips and elixirs was lower than I thought

For example, if it is a rose tulip that it falls by this night in the evening 600,

To calculate 18000 pieces in a month, I have nothing to do with it (゚ Д ゚) …


By the way, as a use of my material

Rose tulips are used for milk tea with demand (battle experience value + 8%).

I use tomato in a set menu meal. (Hus which was unable to be collected by workers as far as grasping)

Actually it is used to make oil elixir.

At first it was a route passing through Calfeon,


I wanted a rose and a tulip, so I changed it to a route passing through northern wheat farm.

If you change the route according to the material you want, you can get the materials which workers could not collect until now.

Hedgehoge Magi Panek!

Because it’s a busy period of work, I can not break it in the black desert about 30 minutes a day, so I am happy (‘ω `) gladly




What is he doing to horses? If you are here, please do not miss it.

黒い砂漠 1日5分で月給1億以上!馬金策とは?


Hedgehog FAQ

1. Can you pick up fragments of sharp black crystals / hard black crystals?

You can pick it up.

I thought that it would fall about 1 day a day, but it does not fall off unexpectedly.


2. Behavioral power wears down but is not enough action?

It is not enough if we have at least Carmouth ribs.

After leaving for 8 hours, the result was as follows, so if you can stock the action force about 300

Maybe you can bear without a carama.

Behavior before leaving: 188

Behavior power after 8 hours: 280


3. How long does the hedgehog’s hungry run out?

If I set the pet order to “cautious” I think that it is probably around 16 hours.

I left it for 8 hours and it was 55% left.

By the way it is better to set the pet order to “cautious” when leaving.

It seems that it does not affect the speed of going to pick up items

Because it stops collection when hunger disappears.


4. How much was it taken?

Because the dumpling was pretty lucky

We got 5 pears at 2500 pearl (7500 yen).


At the time of writing (November 26, 2018), there are gacha where losing pets are available even with losing weight.

I’d like to collect 5 of them for processing neglect (‘- ω -) …


5. How far is it to pick up?

I go to pick up even if there is about this distance.

Since it is too early that the horse is running, it felt that running, I thought that operation might be difficult unless it is a carriage.

Because I often can not pick up when running around with 8 generations of Dori Shun.

Where you want to be careful

1. The skill of the feat is not removed before leaving

2. When leaving in a danger zone, do it with a character of 49 lv or less (since there is a risk of PK)

3. Hungry should not be 0 (hedgehog will be NEET)

4. Before buying there is no problem in the pocket circumstances

5. Doing money policies and so on to run horses (If you stop, I think that plant repair will not make it in time)



very good (`· ω ·)

As long as the dumpling leaves the horses unused, aside from neglecting the material of cooking money measures


I am very happy that Elixir’s materials are available.

I was worried that I could use it before buying, but when I tried it I felt that COSPA was good.

Someday I’m going to do a guy pin 8 hours durability inside my family so I will mass produce Elixir (‘ω `)


Just someone who has long time doing fishing measures or processing fee,

Because he does not move so much, hedgehogs may not be good (‘- ω -)

If you frequently leave a horse, buying a person who has plenty of money may increase the efficiency of the money plan.

As it can only be obtained for a limited time, why do not you buy a person who has plenty of room.

Well then (`· ω ·)


18/11/29 postscript

Finally I got pointed and hard stuff fell down since I started using it.

Fruit for Elixir is also quite (‘ω `)


18/12/4 addition

The drop rate of sharp · hard guy seems to be rather low,

It is more likely that if you drop for 1 day on 3 days after 24 hours of absence (‘- ω -)


Also, if the durability of the horse-drawn carriage is 0 and the driver is operating in a horseshoe, hedgehogs become easier to collect items,

It turns out that even if you are using Kama you will not be able to recover your ability.

If you want to gather materials with full power, deliberately slowing the moving speed seems to be more efficient (‘ω `)