BlackDesertOnline Can you earn Raki ‘aro moat? I thought you did it


“Rakaiaro can earn as much as hunting (20 – 30 m silver)”

As soon as I heard the rumor that I tried digging manos hoe 3 and tried it.


What is Raki’aro?

Dorigun, Kamasu Randomly popping plants in the Libya region, you can collect using a special hoe.

When you collect it, a mini game similar to Minesweeper starts, and the reward changes according to the evaluation of clear.



Minesweeper of the mini game is really funny, but it seems difficult to make a profit by playing like a hunt like a hunt.

It may be suitable for those who are playing in Drigan or Karmas Libya region.

The reason is below


1. I can not find Raki’aro

Personally the biggest reason is this.

I ran around Drigan and Karmas Libya about 3 hours and found about 15 Raki Aro.

If Rakiaro is like a wild grass herd, it seems to be pretty early,

Since it pops in a completely random place, I can not decide the route like collecting, so I felt it was difficult to earn stablely.


2. Raki’ a is not in a high rank

Rakiaro decides to some extent the reward when the mini game starts.

If the reward is of the highest rank it will be 100 m silver with no mistake.

The degree of difficulty changes somewhat depending on the amount, but profitable if you get the highest rank each time. Even in the first play, I got 10 meters in about 15 minutes.

But what I come out is mostly no mistake and even cleared it is about 10 m and I felt that I would not make much profit.


The most dull Raki’aro (1.5 M)


3. Initial investment required

I was prepared for the initial investment, but I used about 400 m to make manos hoe 3.

It is the point that I felt that it is the most tender is that only one stack is stored even if condensation is used after true 1.

Even if Raki Hiro of high rank comes out difficulty will jump up if you do not strengthen your hoe firmly,

In order to earn you need a manos hoe of magical power which strengthened to some extent.




Running around for Rakiaro’s purpose makes me feel tired, so I felt that the style I dig found if I find other things while doing other things.

Quest digestion or hunting.


The mini game itself was fresh and fun, but to do as the main financial measure

I could not earn more than I thought, because I need to find Rakaiaro and Rakiyro of a high rank.

People who are active in Drigan and Kama are likely to find Raki’aro so frequently

It may be suitable.


Well then (`· ω ·)