BlackDesertOnline Analyze the hunting data for 30 hours


Analyze the hunting data for 30 hours

Based on the data of various hunting grounds of friends and 30 hours (not hunting at all) collected over 3 months

We will look at items that are easy to fall for each hunt, Arusha ch, blessings of carmas rib etc affecting the drop etc.

※ Since the frequency of specification change in the black desert is high, there is also the possibility that it will be different from this data due to future specification change. Please understand (‘- ω -)

The common conditions are as follows

· Attack power is around 240 in Kutumu

· Use item scroll increase


A part of actual data is here


… It’s small and does not look good( ˘ω˘)



The average hourly rate is high around Kutum A 240, the Akman Temple

This hunting place this time was hunting. (Average hourly to low order)

Looking at each average hourly wage, the basilisk nest is 80 M per hour

Because the hunting time is one hour and lack credibility, Akman temple with data of 6 hours seems to be the most delicious.

(Basilisk absolute belt only dropped data is listed!)


Crescent ruins of the crescent moon and the cadre ruins, Mill ‘s tree ruins also seem to taste good because average hourly wage 40 M over.

Regarding historian ruins, whether attack power is insufficient or standing is not good

As a result that the average hourly wage is lowest (‘- ω -) munen ..



Recommended hunting by wishing things

We introduce the hunting spot where more specific items were dropped

Kutum will have an attack power of around 240.

If Blackstone went to Cadley ruins

Regarding black stone, it is recommended that the caddy ruins in Dantotsu.

On average we drop more than 20 weapons and armor, and weapons with strengthening value drops

The amount of drop will be further increased by extracting the stone with a blacksmith.

※ The following data is the number of black stones including the number from weapons with strengthening value


Here is the route that actually hunted

黒い砂漠 カドリー廃墟 狩りルート


If you want fragments of memory Gahaz, to the Akman Temple

The table below is the number of drops of scrolls recorded in ancient languages.

Since the drop rate of old words changed with specification adjustment of 1/30, the current situation may have changed.


The hourly wages of each hunting place is as follows


If you want a stone of Quartus to the forest of Manshium

It is recommended that the dropping rate of manshaum woods is high because the stone of the disappearing needy couples is the stone.

Because Arusha ch Manzhaum has rumors that there are many violent people, those who want to fight the scrap are certainly required to Arasha (゚ Д ゚)


About hourly wage is reasonable too.

Alsha ch does not affect much the hourly wage


Let’s compare data hunted with Alsha ch and normal ch.

In the column ch, the one described as “A” becomes the data of Alshasha.


■ Gaha’s Thieves’ Den

Normal ch dropped the ancient word more than Arusha, which resulted in high hourly wage.


It seems that there is no difference in the speed of hunting from the amount of garbage drops acquired.


As a digression, the generation of pets is in such a state

It seems that the upper pet is not necessarily needed to raise the efficiency with hunting money policy (‘· ω ·)


■ Akman Temple

Alshha is usually slightly higher hourly wage than ch,

Regular ch is also able to generate hourly wage that is higher by the number of rare drop items. (The second row from the bottom)


However, looking at the amount of garbage drops acquired,

It seems that Alsha ch had become less prone to magical crystal with less amount of item acquisition.


In terms of hourly wage as a conclusion, it seems that “Arusha is good!” It seems that it does not affect the degree (… ゚ Д ゚) …



The blessing of Carmouth rib has not affected hourly wage


It is more pleasing to have an action recovery power recovery amount + 2 than an item acquisition probability + 20% (‘ω `)


■ Crescent Temple

We are not using the blessing of Carmouth Rib only in the second row.

It is unlikely that the number of rare drops changes extremely depending on the blessing of carmeliv.


There was no thing that it was raised extremely even by looking at hourly wage.

(Mr. Dongo who carries many times to a hunting place with a hourly wage around 20 M is not considered to be sane)


■ Akman Temple

There are no Kamas in the top three rows, and 3 rows from the bottom are Kama.

There seems to be no major change here (‘- ω -)


Regarding the hourly wage, there was no big change in the range of around 30 to 40 M.

(Akman temple soupe where hourly salary jumps just by dropping earrings …)


It seems that the blessing of Carmaslib does not have much influence on hourly wage (゚ Д ゚) …




Pearl buff is not affecting hourly wage

In fact, Mr. Dongo who was suspected that Pearlbuck had hidden charger preferential treatment.


■ Gaha’s Thieves’ Den

No change for rare drop

There was no big change in hourly wage as well.


■ Quitu Islands

No change for rare drop

Pearl buff will not grow about hourly wages as well.


■ Crescent Temple

No change for rare drop

For hourly wages as well as other hunting grounds


From the above, there was no secret of secret that gives preferential treatment to chargeers to Pearlbuck! ! (゚ Д ゚)


Why is there not a clear influence on the drop rate so far?

As the hypothesis, since the original drop rate is too low, it is considered that there is no clear difference in data of several hours.

For example, at a database site

Guardian ring of crescent moon has a drop rate of 0.005%

And there is a description.


We will raise this drop rate by the following means.

■ Item acquisition increase scroll + 100%

■ Blessing of Carmouth rib + 20%

■ Pearl buff + 2.5%

■ Drop rate increase by MOB knowledge + 20%

■ Alsha ch + 50%

Then the drop rate will be about 3 times the original,

The drop rate of the Crescent Guardian can only rise up to 0.015%.


If you want to clearly show the effects of these, I think that about 10,000 hours of data will be needed.

Let’s remember here, Mr. Don and his friends hunt only for 10 hours a month.


Then it takes 83 years for simple calculation to hunt for 10,000 hours (゚ Д ゚)

Dandelion attacked by desert ultraviolet rays



Personally I thought that Arasha and Kama were more visible and increased rare drops,

It seems that it did not increase more than I expected (‘· ω ·)


Because the time of hunting and the number of hunting land are small

Next time I would like to consider after hunting for 100 hours (`· ω ·)