BlackDesertOnline About the role in node war


Based on the node war where the dragon has participated this time
We will introduce the flow of each role in the node war


What is base fighting?

It is a meeting of bases that the guilds make to earn guild funds.
You can earn money by occupying the base.
As the funds of the guild increase, they use it for salaries of members
You can distribute bonuses.
In the dandelion guild, winning the node war got a bonus of 20 to 30 meters silver.


About role

1. Attack Infantry

I will attack the enemy’s fort and protect my fort.
Many people have confidence in equipment and arms.

1-1. Search for enemies

Before the battlefield starts, how many guilds are participating in the area they fight
You can check, but the place of the enemy fortune · I do not know the name of the guild that is participating.

If the position of the enemy’s fort is close, your fort will be dangerous
(Even if it is knocked down, you can recover quickly, it is easy to target with a cannon)
First of all, I will go searching for where the enemy’s guild stands the fort.

I run around with a horse and I attack if I find a fort.
When attacking the fort, your guild members can see the enemy fort’s location.

In some cases you can not attack and you may die,
Let’s say that a guild member has a fort in his place of death.

Except when my fort is going to be attacked suddenly
Finding the location of all the forts is the first job.

After finding all the forts, follow the direction of the commander.


How to view the range where the fort is installed

Go to ch where node war will be held and open the map.
Select “World Warfare Information” of World Map Filter.
Next, the base where you participate (Thermaean cliff in the image)
When clicking, the area painted with red color comes out.

This area becomes the range where you can set a fort.

Also, even when the map is not open,
When you click the “base setting area display” button on the upper right of the UI
You can check the scope of the battlefield on the game screen.


1-2. When to attack


If you attack, you will assault in a place that is hard to find near the enemy and then assault you.
There are many cases where the commander designates the place.
It is because the troops will be destroyed quickly if they hit each other apart.



If a person gathers to a certain extent, it attacks the enemy’s fortress.
At this time, it is good to put the buff before the assault on the professional who can buff on your side.
Especially the protection field of Witch Wizard is invincible for a few seconds due to strong skills
Let’s use actively.


Elimination of enemy defense infantry + destruction of weapons

First destroy the infantry in the enemy ‘s fortress, destroying the flame tower / cassene.
The flame tower / kasen is very fire-fired.
If the opponent ‘s infantry still remains considerably
Let’s keep as far as possible not to approach the flame tower.
If allies are wiped out again, they will gather again or if they are pushed it will be in defense.


Destruction of accompanying equipment

After destroying the flame tower / cassene, the next will destroy the recovery stations and supply stations.
The recovery station will reduce the resurrection time at the time of death by 6 seconds.
Supply stations can take out horses and repair their equipment.
Neither is a facility unless it is a node war


Destruction of the fort

If the accompanying equipment can be destroyed, we will destroy the fort.
If you succeed even enemy rescue,
You can quickly destroy the fortress by using Trina Destruction Axe.
* High fire power comes out even if the enhancement value is low.
Also, be careful as it will be unprotected when equipped with a trainer destroying ax.


1-3. When defending

Let’s defeat the enemy approaching the fort.
When you are near the fortress, enemy range attacks are easy to fly, so let’s leave the fort as possible.
In addition, if Riskill is continuing, you may be able to push back by rejoining with your colleagues in timing.
If you do not have the confidence to defeat, let’s act together by waiting for a strong ally to recover without forcing battle.


2. Defense infantry

I will reside in my fort and defeat the enemies that attack them.
It is work mainly to inform attack units when their fortress is being pushed a lot.


iconStrengthen barricade

You can strengthen the barricade after starting the node war
Barricades are mainly used to prevent enemy invasion.

The following materials are necessary for strengthening, so let’s have someone to defend.
iconIron chunks x 30 pieces
icon15 pieces of molten copper pieces


iconInstall traps

Traps are subject to various condition abnormalities when the enemy steps on.
I think that I am strong personally is a faint trap, because I can not move about 3 seconds when stepping on.

Up to 3 traps can be installed
If you step on it you can put it again so let ‘s go on and on as soon as you have the ski.

It is necessary to purchase a trap at the guild shop before the base war.

3. Weapon riding

While in the weapon, the passenger is not damaged unless the weapon is destroyed.
So even people who are not very strong equipment can be active.
Basically weapon ride will fight on ride all the way until the weapon breaks.

In node war, we can use the following 4 weapons mainly.

iconFlame Tower
It is a fixed battery that radiates flames radially.
The range is not long, but it hurts a lot.
Specify the direction with the mouse and fire with the space key.
It will be launched soon, so let’s shoot the enemies when they are nearby.

iconfire arrow

It is a fixed battery that skips dozens of arrows.
It has a long range and damage deals damage to the range.

Specify the direction with the mouse, decide the height with the shift key, and fire with a click.

If you have objects of trees and rocks nearby, you can hit the target with arrows,
Attack judgment comes out directly under the object.
So it is possible to knock down the enemies around Firejack depending on the location.

About a year ago, it was an amazing weapon that defeated players with low defense with a single shot,
I feel that it is getting hard to take a kill in recent times due to defense inflation.
When shooting, the probability of hitting an ally if dropped in an area where an ally warrior is fighting is high.
(Since there is a tendency to stay in place when the beating begins)



It is a loading thing that can be summoned 12 minutes after the start.
There is one person manipulating the statue, two people toss a spear on the back.
Since spears are hard to rely on, I do not remember using it at node war, but if I hit it, it is reasonably strong.
You can attack the enemy’s fort and protect your fort.
It is an impression that I often use when I am pushing because it falls easily when beaten by a player.

Board a weapon

Any weapon can approach and ride with the R key.
Because there are times when people participating for the first time do not know the appearance,
People who are used to it will tell.

Attack when an enemy comes

I attack if the enemy comes.
Since bullets are not infinite, try to avoid as much as possible.
If the enemy does not come, the situation will be bored, but look at the mini map and be wary of the enemy’s coming.

Report on durability and number of remaining bullets

Let’s notify your ally if the durability of weapons and the number of bullets are decreasing.
It is because you are crazy about battle because there are circumstances that you do not notice even if weapons are attacked.

Let’s tell early before the number of bullets goes away.
It is because refueling can not be done even if the battle is cut off in the middle.

Since there is a possibility of getting involved in battle when you get off,
People who are not confident in equipment will be asked to replenish others.

If weapons break

When weapons break, they are thrown away.
Let’s reinstall by yourself or wait for people who have weapons to reinstall.

There are times when the weapons are destroyed and the vicinity of the fort is a rough battle.
When you do not have confidence you can beat, you can contribute using the skill that puts on debuff from a distance.

4. Artillery

It is a person who bombards the enemy ‘s fort from an extremely long distance.
Because it requires considerable training to hit, it is the most difficult role.
When it receives bullets it seems to destroy fire and fire in about 2 shots. strong.

Install a cannon

We will set up the cannon where it is difficult to find if the attacking fort is decided.
When installation is complete, let’s see if anyone can see the impact point of the cannon on the enemy’s fort.

Firing a cannon

Since artillery can not check whether bullet has hit,
Confirm the position where you landed in cooperation with the attack infant.

It is difficult to use it in practice suddenly,
Let’s practice beforehand with a cannon for practice.

If you find it on the enemy

If your opponent has a trainer destroying ax, it will be destroyed in a matter of seconds so let’s get down and fight.
If your opponent does not have an ax or a horse it will take quite a bit of destruction, so you can safely ignore and shoot.



In the node war where the dragon participated, there were a number of roles like this.

Since the strategy and the proportion of the number of people are also varied by the guild, let’s match it with the guild belonging.

As a role we have participated so far
Introduction Take a weapon,
Defense infantry when AD exceeds 500
After the status has further increased, attack infantry
I was in charge of.

Since there is an impression that victory or defeat is generally determined by strength,
I think that you can enjoy it by taking charge of the role you want to do.

Well then (`· ω ·)