About Open World Survival Horror DESOLATE


※ This article contains a grotesque image.

Early access started on February 9


I will talk about DESOLATE, an open world survival horror (`· ω ·)


Approximately 30 hours is required for clearing

Volume as much as you can play on 3 consecutive holidays!



DESOLATE – Launch Trailer (Steam)


What kind of game?

Set on stage at Granitey Island (difficult to read) that collapsed by a mysterious large-scale disaster

It is a game to investigate what happened on the island by volunteers.

Players who participated in the survey of life-free at no cost, were they something disgusting …


Creepy world view

The corpse of a person is rolling around and there are buildings being broken,

It has become a devastated horror world view.


Although the game has day and night,

It is a world view that feels eerie even during daytime due to an eerie world view.

You can hear a woman’s crying voice, a baby’s crying voice, etc. just by walking from nowhere

It is full of horror element also regarding sound ((゚ Д ゚))


(If you do spoiler this voice is not a meaning that there are enemies nearby and there is no particular meaning)

Island full of garbage Granitey Island


Bo, senior volunteers! ! !


Because I am accustomed to this world, it seems to be artistic


Also, there are many dangerous men attacking mutated creatures and players.

When it is found in the enemy, a slight scary sound peculiar to the horror game flows ((゚ Д ゚))

Dojuan! ! (No expressive power)

Dangerous old man appearing in the beginning


Since the early stage can not beat the enemy, it escapes in many cases,

As you move a little, you will find a new enemy soon, so a horror sound flows.

Duja · · · Duja · · · Duzyan! ! (No expressive power)

Dangerous old man appearing in the middle stage


Dangerous creatures appearing in the beginning


Multiplayer compatible (1 to 4 people)

I am happy that it corresponds to multiplayer (`· ω ·)

You can get over if it is a fellow even in the horror world! !

(It is a pattern that there was no friend who plays with me and was solo play until the end)


* As a caveat, the story only progresses the story of the host playing,

The story does not progress in the game of participating players.

However, you can bring the items you got as it is on the host or participant side.

When playing with someone it may be good to join the game of the person who plays the most frequently (˘ ω ˘)

Unknown player John who has participated in the game. I’m sorry, this world has already been captured ….


You can see the location of your fellow on the map



Increased difficulty level

I played with difficulty degree normal, but I thought it was a difficult game.

Because it is hard to get recovered items in the early stage and often loses 20 to 60% of physical strength in one battle.


Items will remain on the spot for ten minutes when they are dead, but if you go for collection without holding weapons


Often you fall into a vicious circle where you are knocked down by enemies near you ….

So those who are not very good at action games are difficulty level easy to recommend (‘ω `)

The beginning of the fire burning respawn at the time of death will see this landscape many times


A weapon “stick” that you will often use in the opening section

It’s better than bare hands but it’s so weak

Let’s get a strong weapon by catching the box in there.

In the beginning (in a bad way) I will take care of the stick


In addition, it will not die at all as the game progresses.

Being able to defeat weapons getting stronger without being damaged,

Improvement of recovery items · Impact of status up of characters I think that it is great (`· ω ·) Muteki

Play time It is playing without death for 25 hours out of 31 hours



What kind of person is suitable for you?

People who can endure horror elements · grotesters

People who can endure horror elements · grotesters
DESOLATE is not so afraid compared to the main game of horror element (FEAR, biohazard 7 etc)

Elements that make you surprised that a blooded doll appears in front of you suddenly as it enters the genre with a horror.

I was surprised by the doll suddenly appearing many times ((゚ Д ゚))

Also, DESOLATE is pretty gross element is strong.

I also had resistance to some extent because I have played some famous titles glowingly,

DESOLATE express quite donned.

Mr. Wanoger who is a human type monster who eats people is quite strong


Mr. Wanogar’s meal place Nausea comes …

So you may not be able to enjoy it unless you have some degree of resistance to grounding elements / horror elements (‘- ω -)

But familiarity is scary, you will not feel anything particularly when you play for 30 hours (Yabai)

Someone who likes open world

It is also the most interesting point in this game,

This game is an open world so you can go anywhere in the island.


“What is there over there?”

Because we can satisfy the searching spirit,

I think that it is recommended for those who like open world (`· ω ·)

Watching the area called the oasis from the top of the bridge


The size as seen below on the map

The red icon in the center on the left side is the player. On the map you can see the size of Granitey Island (half of the whole image)


Tips for playing early

Be careful not to run out of stamina

In this game, when you shake a melee weapon, you deplete the stamina when guarding.

So if you wield a melee weapon, you will lose your stamina and you will be in an unprotected state where you can not attack or defend.


If you can guard, you can escape while recovering the stamina,

Let’s take care of stamina management as it gets buried as soon as the stamina runs out.

The lower right gauge is stamina


Measures for physical fitness · food · thirst

If you do not get a good item so far,

Or if you can reach the safe area called Oasis and use the warehouse, leave the item

It is easiest to kill suicide from the menu displayed by pressing the Esc key, it will recover completely (`· ω ·)

If not, keep it in the following way.

Fitness: Gather herbs

Since herbs are recovery items that are easily accessible in the early stage, be sure to collect them if you find them.

You can make the item “ointment” which gathers two and recovers your physical strength by 10% (little!).

Precious herbs


You can make ointment from the craft menu


Food: Druck hunting

Regarding food, you get raw meat by defeating monster called Dolg.

Raw flesh available from beasts such as Dolg


And find the campfire and fire

You can cook where fire is on.

The cook meat is one, and hungry recovers by 15%, Cospa strongest food, I was eating kore until the end.


Thirst: Drinking water and overheating

Thirst of the throat pumps dirty water with pumps in various places,

Drinking water can be made by heating and cooking with the campfire etc.

As much dirty water can be drawn from the pump, it will not suffer so much with thirst.


Also, if you can defeat an enemy crisply, you can restore thirsty throat if you keep drinking available.

There is no symptom like alcoholic poisoning so let’s drink a bang.

Green icon is alcohol


In addition, campfire and water pumping ground are displayed on the map.


Collect items from boxes and enemies

In DESOLATE you get various items such as weapons, food and recovery item from boxes and defeated enemies.

Since it is difficult to beat the enemy in the opening part, it is good to collect items around the box (`· ω ·)


There are several kinds of boxes, and contents over time will be reprinted


wooden box


I sell items with white background to shops or make money on the spot This is losing ….


Food also comes out


It is also good to have weapons (guns are less bullets and weaker, so it is better to sell)


Also, when you defeat an enemy like this one falls.


There are many good things compared with boxes.


Comment I played

Where it was interesting

A character that is getting stronger by shaking skills

The early stage was quite often dead without defeating the enemy,

That weapon becomes stronger or the character’s status grows

I felt it was very interesting when it became possible to defeat a monster that was a strong enemy until now (`· ω ·)


The game system that can realize growth is wonderful!

DESOLATE has the concept of level and skill,

The higher the level, the more HP and stamina will be added. (All weapon wielding!

Experience values ​​can be earned by advancing quests or defeating monsters.

(Quest can raise the level efficiently)


Extensive map with exploration

I love open-world games.

In the beginning, most of the map is black and an unknown world is spreading,

I was able to satisfy intellectual curiosity by going to an area that I have never been to,

I felt it was very interesting (‘ω `)


To the building on the map almost certainly can be said

Since the box where items are available is arranged, the possessions become more gorgeous by pioneering.

Map under development


Where it was not good

There is no base craft element

Personally, the genre called survival

Like the title ARK, Fallout 4 and The Forest


Due to the strong image that gathers materials and crafts various objects and builds bases,

I felt unsatisfactory to the point that there is no element to make a base (‘- ω -)

Safety zones exist in the game and can not be made by themselves


Material item collection is troublesome

In the world of DESOLATE there is content called craft,

None of the materials are available and it takes a lot of time to collect materials.


For example, regarding the material “Herb” of the recovery item described above,

There are few objects below and things that you can not make a recovery item unless you collect two

I felt it was impossible to spend time collecting.

In the early stage, only one final herb at the end

For example, if you have a system that you can craft a plantation and mass produce herbs

I do not need to spend time collecting herbs and I think that we can enjoy more games.


A quest to be used for searching for items or items

DESOLATE is the main game to advance the quest,

I thought this quest is not good.

There are two reasons.

Since the map is vast, it takes quite a while to move

Although the initial stage may be able to end as there are many quests to go to areas that have never been,

The number of quests that gradually travel back and forth to the same place will increase.

And since the means to shorten the traveling time is only expensive items and skills available at the end of the game

I thought that the point which became the marathon gay running around the map is not good (‘· ω ·)

Running at about 660 meters to the quest point takes about 2

minutes at maximum.
In order to improve this, for example, a system in which the foot speeds according to the distance traveled

I think that it is good if there are items etc. that can return to town in an instant.

(Because there are quests to return to the city many times)


Hard to find quest items

For example, in the quest to find and examine the following notes

Paper in the center of the image is a note, psyllium on the left and right are just objects.

Because the difference between the object and the quest item is difficult to understand, we struggled hard (‘- ω -)


This quest is still easy to understand, but there is something like looking for items in garbage inside,

I thought that it is not good to find a quest item like this one.

In order to improve this it is possible to make the quest item shine more and make it easier to understand,

I think that it is necessary to issue markers of quest items on the map.


Moreover, although it is a digression, I search for items for about 2 hours at the longest,

It was a little fun when items in the box nearby and enemies repeatedly repaired (‘ω `)


in conclusion

I think that there is liking by people, but it was a title that I enjoyed very much personally.

Although the early stages are often struggling often, it becomes interesting if you gradually become able to defeat the enemy (゚ Д ゚)


Some degree of resistance to horror and grouse,

Those who are looking for games that can be cleared in 3 consecutive holidays

How about playing (`· ω ·)